User Experience Designer and Prototyper

Selected Work

Designing the future of healthcare training

A Virtual Reality healthcare training experience.

  • UX/UI
  • VR
  • 3D

Jumpstart a career in tech

A mobile career counseling and networking app.

  • UX/UI

Redesigning Crunchyroll’s streaming experience

Redesigned the playlist experience and UI layout of America's leading Anime content distributor.

  • UX/UI
  • WEB

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Designer. Singer. Pianist. Bubble milk tea connoisseur.

I'm Ryan Rosales, a User Experience Designer currently residing in central California. I want what's best for businesses in regards to time-efficient and cost-effective methods during the design process by focusing on experience design and validation via prototyping.

In addition, I've learned front-end development to not only expand my knowledge, but to work with developers and have production run smoothly.

I've been honing my design craft for 4+ years, beginning with studying Graphic Design before switching to UX in the past year. Now, I'm designing AR/VR experiences, expanding my skillset in 3D modeling and programming. I believe these technologies will leave a positive impact on daily life, connect people to technology and officially bridge the physical and digital realms.

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What others are saying

"Ryan designed my portfolio website, and I could not have been happier with how everything turned out. Out of 200+ designers reached out to me on the project, Ryan and his work immediately stood out. I had no idea that he was still so early in his career, as his work and his professionalism are far beyond his age.

Ryan was prompt, creative, and very flexible with all of my ideas--even the incoherent ones I couldn't communicate well. As a backend developer, I was unsure of how to show off my enterprise coding projects; Ryan had the great idea to write up case studies about each one as a substitute for revealing proprietary source code.

I would recommend Ryan to anyone in need of UI/UX design work. He would make a fantastic addition to any team, and I look forward to seeing his career unfold (and reaching out to him when I want to redesign my site!)."

Derek Foster, Frontend Engineer at Anvil

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I'm currently looking for Product Design opportunities, especially in the AR/VR industry.
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