Luna Eternal Online

A fictional user interface project centered around a fantasy style MMORPG. I created all UI elements including vector and painted icons. With this project I challenged myself and explored uncharted waters in illustration and Unreal Engine 5.

With the official release of Unreal Engine 5, I was quick to begin learning UMG. I created UI functionality along with basic animations and implemented it using Blueprints scripting.

The character portrait was created by liemnguyenart who provided their amazing 3D model on Sketchfab for free. Please support their work!

Liemnguyenart Sketchfab

Game Type: Fantasy MMORPG

UI Software: Photoshop, Affinity Designer

Game Engine: Unreal Engine 5

In-game screenshots used for the mockups is from Dark Souls 3 by FromSoftware.

The Process

I began my process determining target platform, audience and game type. I researched and gathered references from various MMORPGs I’ve personally played, as well as studying the game design of popular MMORPGs. Then I created a user flow to map out the experience, before condensing it down to a few screens.

From here on I went through a constant iterative process. I found myself not only iterating during wireframing, but also during high-fidelity design to flesh out the UX. In addition, icons were frequently worked on to maximize quality and to align with the art direction.

I tested early wireframes in Unreal Engine 4 (before Unreal Engine 5 officially released) to make size and spacing iterations.

Early Inventory Wireframe
Early Skills Menu Wireframe
Early (discarded) Character Menu Wireframe
Discarded Guild Menu Wireframe in Unreal Engine 4
Ryan Rosales | Video Game UI/UX Designer