Redefining an enjoyable Anime experience

Crunchyroll is the leading online Anime streaming platform for western audiences. However, an outdated design system is affecting the experience for those who want to get into Anime content.

I went through an extensive UX process to address pain points, improve Crunchyroll's website UI, the navigation experience, and created a solution to organize playlists.

Project: Redesign

Timeline: August, 2020

Role: Research, user interviews, ideation, wireframing, Hi-fidelity design, usability testing

Software: Figma, Photoshop, Pen & paper

Defining the Problem

What's affecting the Crunchyroll experience?

I gathered feedback from Crunchyroll users to identify pain points. There was a prevelance with being unhappy with the outdated UI, as well as frustration towards a lack of control on content playlists.

Problem Statement

Users felt lost when navigating the website and they want control over their content.

Research Breakdown

Learning from the Users

I conducted an online survey with 10+ responses as well as competitive analysis to see how Crunchyroll fares in the current market.


Developing a visual strategy

My research results determined the landing page, shows list, queue list, and series info page affected the user experience the most.

The Solution

#01 - Landing page

A modern layout produced a simpler and more visually engaging landing page. In addition, this approach could increase revenue and improve user conversion due to all Crunchyroll services being much more visible, along with clear call-to-actions.

#02 - Shows List

User feedback desired dark mode as many commented about eye strain. Finally, I simplified the search filter to optimize the search engine.

#03 - Queue List

Users have the freedom to create multiple playlists, where they can organize their content. This helps those who happen to share their account with multiple people. Finally, I added playlist and genre filters for quick and easy navigation.

#04 - Series Info Page

A modernized layout gives hierarchy to a show's content. Progress is saved according to the last episode they watched which allows users to continue where they left off.

The Results

4 participants tested my prototype and 100% were able to complete each task without any difficulties


Reflection & Learnings

This project leveled up my UI design skills for web applications and my understanding of the UX process, especially UX research. If I could go back, I would do more usability testing to maximize feedback on the proposed solutions.

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